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for Dogs

Routines Dog article 1Sometimes it’s hard to stick to our own routines, nevermind making sure your beloved pet
leads a balanced life. Sticking to a certain plan – in terms of feeding, grooming, training,
playing and specifically walking – can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t
even like to exercise. That’s OK. We have a few ways you can improve your dog’s lifestyle
and overall wellness that will even benefit you!

If possible, work a 20 – 30 minute walk into your daily schedule and try to stick to it.
Choose a time that makes sense, for example before starting dinner; in between chores;
after gym, etc. Think of it like this: it’s also a time for you to clear your head and recharge
before tackling the next item on your to do list. The time you spend with your dog will be
appreciated and it helps to establish and maintain your position as the leader.

Routines Dog article 2

To make the most of your time together (mentally and physically), consider the following insights and tips:

Routine: Dogs thrive on a set routine.
Attention: Dogs need love and attention. Make time to show affection.
Exercise: Offer frequent exercise opportunities in a stimulating, fun and safe environment.
Feeding Time: Try to stick to the same feeding time every day, or at least with 30 minutes of it.
Sleep: Your dog needs sleep as much as you do. Make sure he or she has a comfortable, quiet place to rest,
    whether that’s in a plush doggy bed or in a crate. Try to keep your bed dog-free. Dogs should know they have
    their own space, plus you’ll get a good night’s rest as well.
Potty Breaks: If your dog cannot access outside areas, it’s important to offer enough opportunities for relief.

Routines Dog article 3

Routines Dog article 4Here are some schedule tips you can try to use or adjust so it works for you:

• Set aside 10 minutes every day for training. Read these Training Tips & Commands.
    This is an opportunity to bond and teach your pup obedience which will help a lot
    in the future. Remember, it takes time to master tricks, so be patient.
    The benefits are worth it.
• Grooming and taking care of hygiene is very important. Dogs groom themselves,
    but when it comes to pests (ticks and fleas), nails, ears and eyes, some intervention is
    needed. These needs can be taken care of as part of your grooming routine at home,
    but doggy parlours are also an option if you don’t feel comfortable with certain parts,
    for example cutting nails.

That’s it! You’re ready to step up your game and make the most of walking, feeding, grooming and training. Enjoy!

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