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in Training & Behaviour // Socialising

Socialising Games

Indoor Games for Dogs

SocialisingGames article dog 1Whether it’s cold outside or if you live in an apartment, it’s great to have a few
simple and fun games to keep your dog entertained, active and stimulated. Try
these 10 indoor exercises and games to make the most of playtime.


Ask your dog to stay while you choose a hiding spot. Now seek!

WHERE’S THE TREAT?SocialisingGames article dog 2

Ask your dog to stay while you hide treats.


Does your dog know, “drop it” / “leave it”? Great! Don’t reward rough play
and let your dog win a few times.


It’s as simple as that. Hide a treat in one hand and let your dog choose the right one.
(Don’t encourage or reward mouthing or pawing.)

SocialisingGames article dog 3

SocialisingGames article dog 4TOY STORAGE

Train your dog to pick up toys and drop them in their storage box.
Lots of rewards required!


Dogs can learn with physical cues. Use a clicker. If your dog does what you want
(e.g. moves a ball), without instruction, click, praise and treat immediately. Keep
going: if he picks up the ball: click, praise and treat immediately.

WHAT’S THIS TOY CALLED?SocialisingGames article dog 5

Dogs are able to learn about 200 words or more. Use this great ability to stimulate
your dog in a playful way. Grab one toy, give it a name and keep repeating it daily
during playtime. Eventually they should remember it. Add adjectives to
distinguish toys, e.g. “blue bunny” or “round ball”.

SocialisingGames article dog 6

SocialisingGames article dog 8TREAT DISPENSERS

A treat dispenser or a KONG toy (filled with treats and frozen: more challenging)
are great when it comes to entertaining dogs. Few toys are indestructible so take
your time to pick one that will last and supervise your dog when you give him his
new toy.


Toys come in many shapes with many functions. Some are for chasing and others
for chewing; there are even stimulating puzzles to figure out! Ropes are popular
(and often function as chew toys as well). Just keep checking the rope and take it
away if it starts coming apart. You don’t want your pooch to swallow pieces of
string. Buy or make your own.

THREE CUPSSocialisingGames article dog 9

So easy: hide a treat and shuffle! Praise and reward him every step of the way
(when he guesses correctly, of course).
That’s it. Have fun with your favourite furry friend!


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