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Spot On or Chewable…

You Choose!

The Right Tick and Flea Prevention for your Dogs

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For many years, topical or spot on tick and flea products have been the
popular choice for pet owners protecting their dogs against ticks and fleas.

Now, with the recent introduction of oral preventatives, tick and flea protection
is also available in chewable tablets, which are growing in popularity.

So how do you choose the right product for your dog?


Easy-to-use topical treatments are administered with one-spot application. Once applied, the active ingredients
are stored within the skin’s oil glands. Throughout the month, it self-distributes onto the surface of the skin and hair to
provide protection. It destroys adult fleas, larvae and eggs and kills on contact any fleas or ticks that jump onto your pet.
Once the treatment is applied and has dried, your pets can have a swim or bath.


If your dog is prone to constant licking, loves the outdoors or takes to the water often, a monthly easy-to-administer,
no-mess, no-fuss chewable tablet could be more convenient. For protection against both ticks and fleas, choose a
product like NEXGARD®, which is a vegetable-based monthly oral chewable that is well tolerated, convenient and

Whichever option you choose, always ensure
• that the product is EPA-registered or FDA-approved
• that the weight-range listed on the product is suitable for your pet
• that the label instructions are followed carefully

Your veterinarian will also be able to assist you to make the most appropriate choice.


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