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The Importance of Socialising
How Puppy School Can Help

Socialised puppies and puppies that go to puppy school are more likely to develop into happy, healthy dogs that literally play well with others, including humans. Without proper socialisation, behavioural issues could make things difficult in the future, for everyone.

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for Dogs

Daycare for dogs would’ve been a strange concept a decade or so ago, but today it’s a growing commercial service that’s benefiting dogs and owners. The concept of paying for dog supervision might seem strange, but if all the pros are weighed up it really starts to make sense.

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Socialising Games
Indoor Games for Dogs

Whether it’s cold outside or if you live in an apartment, it’s great to have a few simple and fun games to keep your dog entertained, active and stimulated.  Try these 10 indoor exercises and games to make the most of playtime.

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Your Dog

The gap for effective learning closes at around 16 to 20 weeks, so start obedience training immediately. During these first four to five months your curious and fearless puppy’s senses will be greatly stimulated.

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Your Cat

It might not be common knowledge, but cats also need to be socialised. Luckily, you can find out how to socialise your cat here or share the tips with other cat owners who could benefit.

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