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Negative Punishment

For Cats


Punishment Cats Article 1When it comes to cat discipline, many owners find negative punishment and
positive reward useful.


Before finding out how you can discipline your cat remember the following:
always react consistently towards bad (and good) behaviours. If you don’t, you’ll
just confuse your cat and become the cause of your own frustration in the future.
For example, if your cat meows for food when it’s not feeding time, ignore her.
Don’t give in every other night just because it’s annoying.

To discipline your cat, reward good behaviour:Punishment Cats Article 2
• Show affection and approval
• Offer your cat a tasty, healthy treat
• Offer stimulation: play with her; buy a few toys; make her environment enjoyable

To discipline your cat, don’t reward bad behaviour:

• Ignore your cat
• Walk away from your cat
• Don’t say anything or make a sound (it could be confused for approval)

Punishment Cats Article 3
In time, certain behaviours will be associated with reward or unfavourable actions.
They should seek the positive and eventually stop doing the things you don’t approve of.

Punishment Cats Article 4REPETITION IS KEY

If you consistently discipline your cat you can correct bad behaviour and
encourage good behaviour. After all, pet kittens and wild cats learn from their
mothers through repetition. Don’t stop rewarding positive behaviour and don’t
reward negative behaviour. Most importantly: Don’t give up!

Punishment Cats Article 5
It’s very important to only punish your dog when you catch him in the act of
misbehaving and that he understands what he’s being punished for. Keep
“marking” the bad behaviour with your “no reward” word and your chosen
correction, whether it involves the removal of an item or yourself from the room.
Ideally, in time, you’ll reach a stage where you only have to say “nope” or “uh-uh”
and your dog will listen.

Trainers who make use of a positive reward system usually also opt for negative
punishment. Speak to trainers if you need assistance or to discuss humane
disciplining options.

Punishment Cats Article 6

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