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AACL – Animal Anti-Cruelty League


#WeCan Project: We are challenging 100 000 individuals to donate only R10 to help us reach our goal of R1 000 000.

For more information, contact /

We are challenging 100 000 individuals to donate only R10 to help us reach our goal of R1 000 000. These donations will go toward the primary care of the animals who are in need of rehabilitation.

How you are making a difference.

The #WeCan campaign encourages animal lovers of all ages, to walk this mile-to-a million with us. You are one of 100 000 individuals who have decided to help our four & three-legged friends like Misty, Mo, Star, Percy & Michael. The AACL Cape Town sees in excess of 50 000 animals and the characters who you’ve heard about are only five of them! You can donate R10 to any of the characters you choose and your donation will enable us to continue caring for our furry friends, as well as those still to come!

AACL Epping & Bellville Wish List

  • Montego, Royal Canin or Hills dry cat and dog food
  • Dog and Cat toys
  • Soft food for dogs and cats
  • Tick and flea treatment for cats and dogs(eg. Broadline, bravecto, nexguard)
  • Greengel, Dishwashing liquid, washing powder or Bleach
  • Dog beds
  • Cat scratch towers

Please email us at for more information.

ACCOUNT NO.: 071465820

Click on the link here to shop – AACL Cape Town (

You can find your fur babies food, tick and flea treatments and Treats and toys here, your support helps us to look after all our animals at AACL

You can now shop our AACL-CT T-shirts! We are excited to announce AACL-CT merchandise.

For more information,
contact /


Help us to get to 300 adoptions as soon as possible.

If your heart and home is ready for a pet, choose a pet that needs your love the most.

Save a precious life, change a dear animal’s destiny and enrich your life by adopting.




Our Animal Welfare Organisation of the Month is A New Hope Dog Rescue

Our Animal Welfare Organisation of the Month is A New Hope Dog Rescue

Nestled in the heart of Walkerville, South Africa, A New Hope Dog Rescue is a beacon of hope for abandoned, neglected, and unwanted dogs. This family-run shelter, fueled by compassion and dedication, provides a safe haven for all breeds, ages, shapes, and sizes. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs, offering them a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

About A New Hope Dog Rescue

A New Hope Dog Rescue is more than just a shelter; it’s a sanctuary of love and care. The founders, a passionate family, understand the unique needs of each dog and go above and beyond to ensure their well-being. Spacious social runs provide ample room for the dogs to play and exercise, fostering camaraderie and socialization. Cosy heated beds ensure a warm and comfortable place to rest after a long day of playtime.

But what truly sets A New Hope Dog Rescue apart is their unwavering commitment to every dog’s life. Unlike many shelters with limited space and resources, A New Hope operates on a pro-life philosophy. They will never euthanize a healthy, happy dog due to overcrowding or length of stay. This means that every dog under their care has a guaranteed safe haven until they find their forever home.

The dedicated staff and volunteers at A New Hope Dog Rescue understand that every dog has a story. Through a process of love, patience, and positive reinforcement, they help these dogs overcome past traumas and anxieties. They assess each dog’s temperament and personality, meticulously matching them with potential adopters who can provide the perfect loving environment.

A New Hope Dog Rescue’s commitment extends beyond the shelter walls. They actively participate in community outreach programs, educating the public about responsible dog ownership and the importance of adoption. They organize adoption drives and fundraising events, fostering a collaborative spirit within the community to ensure the well-being of all dogs.

Here’s what makes us special:
  • Spacious social runs: Our dogs get plenty of room to play and make friends!
  • Cozy heated beds: We know a warm snooze is important after a fun day.
  • Forever stays: No pressure here! We never euthanize healthy, happy dogs. They stay with us as long as they need until they find their perfect match.
  • Rehabilitation & love: We help all our dogs blossom and find their perfect forever families.

Could you be that perfect family? Come meet our amazing dogs and give one a new leash on life!

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​A New Hope Dog Rescue
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Liv Stirling

Contact number:
0818934427 or 0714656209

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