Why It’s Important

There are too many unwanted, unloved pets in the world. It’s not only heartbreaking, but cruel and unacceptable. Spreading awareness and educating others about the importance of neutering or desexing your pet can help everyone become more responsible and caring pet owners as well as offer significant health benefits to your pet.

Triva fact: Male animals are “castrated” and female animals are “spayed”.

“Desexing” and “Neutering” are terms that are non-gender specific so can be used for both male and female animals.

The Benefits and Importance of Desexing

  • Promote health
  • Increase lifespan
  • Reduce risk of cancer
  • Prevent unwanted pregnancies and unwanted pets
  • Eliminate costs of unwanted pets
  • Help prevent or reduce aggression
  • Reduce risk of contracting infections
  • Reduce the number of shelter animals
  • Help prevent or reduce behavioural issues
  • Help prevent the development of diseases such as transmissible venereal tumours, testicular cancer and prostate problems
  • Reduce likelihood of (or interest in) roaming, thereby decreasing the risk of injury from car accidents and fighting
  • Reduce number of animals that need to be euthanased

Spaying specifically:

  • Prevents females from going into heat
  • Reduces distress and pseudopregnancies which can be caused by recurrent heat
  • Eliminates the need for medicines (with possible side effects) that suppress heats
  • Prevents infection of the uterus (pyometra)
  • Prevents mammary gland cancer

As you can see, it’s a long, relevant list that benefits both puppies and kittens, as well as adult dogs and cats directly, not to mention other animals, and also humans indirectly.


Recovery is usually rapid and the relevant procedure only needs to be performed once in a pet’s life. You should speak to your veterinarian about the best time to book your pet in for desexing as optimal timing can vary between different species and breeds.

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