Why a Pet Hotel Makes Perfect Sense

When you hear the words Pet Hotel, you might think about some unbearably posh mansion filled to the brim with extravagances and unrealistically expensive trinkets and toys for dogs and cats of wealthy celebrities. 

But the truth is that, Pet Hotels, and Pet Daycares, actually provide a very rational and sensible solution to many pet owners, and here’s why:

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  • Urban Pet Owners often tend to live in smaller, more confined apartments and houses. This means less space for doggo to play and kitty to roam, and leaving pets alone at home all day can be stressful and detrimental to pet health and happiness. By checking pets into a pet daycare, pets can roam about and have fun, and in dogs’ cases engage with friends and get lots of active play and stimulation.
  • Dogs need to socialise to know how to conduct themselves and behave when faced with another dog. Unsocialised dogs will snarl and growl, while socialised dogs will recognise their fellow canines as exactly that, and happily play and interact without any aggression.
  • Believe it or not, sometimes that look on your cat’s face isn’t that of lazy contentment, but boredom. Cats can get bored and lethargic, and this mean less wow and more meow.
  • By checking your cat into a daycare, they can be stimulated with a host of activities and in atFrits’ case, get taken for leisurely play sessions on our colourful Catio.
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  • Almost all humans express a desire of some kind to become a domestic pet owner, but are reluctant due to spatial constraints at home or a fear that the pet will suffer a lack of attention. With pet hotels and daycare centers, owning a pet becomes possible and convenient. Pet ownership is also proven to have substantial health benefits like reduced chance of cardiovascular disease and anxiety relief, so if you think about it, a pet hotel could be your ticket to improved health and wellbeing!
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Head to atfrits.com today to have a look at what is soon to be officially dubbed the biggest pet hotel in the world! And while you’re at it, why not sign up and make a booking to see how amazing Pet Hotels and Daycare Centres can be.

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