Source: cape(town)etc (Extract)
March 11 2021

The state of Cape Town’s pet population has never been this grim and the need for your help has never been this urgent. Since the start of the new year the number of unwanted animals admitted into care has skyrocketed by 200%. As more and more pet owners suffer financial ruin, the number is very likely to increase.

“Our heart goes out to these families for selflessly considering the needs of their pets and voluntarily letting them go,” the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) said in a statement.

“Right now 77% of all the dogs and puppies in our Animal Care Centre come from tragically destitute households. Some arrived a bit “ribby” having survived on hand-ups or whatever scraps their owners could find to feed them but (despite their ordeal) all of them clearly miss the love and familiarity of their heartbroken families.”

The organization has its work cut out and your support would make all the difference.

“Our hope is that everyone who reads this post will donate whatever they can towards the upkeep and transformation of these dogs and puppies until they can be rehomed.