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Posted: June 7, 2021

AROUND THE WORLD – Music is a language that everyone can understand.

Another sound that we all know when we hear it: angry cats.

One talented musician, David Scott from South Africa, turned the angry meow of his cat into a nice little tune. And then others joined Scott (known as “The Kiffness”) to turn a man and his cat into a septet.

A Brazilian violinist, Amanda Barbalho provided a plucky addition.

Then Kryštov Hron from the Czech Republic jumped on with a ukulele.

Then a Russian, an American, and Ukrainian added their harmony.

My personal favorite is the unexpected but fitting addition of drums from a German artist.

Six nations. Six musicians. And one cat.

On June 4, this video had about 15 thousand views. By the morning of June 7, it had jumped to more than half a million views.

If you’re anything like me, this song might get stuck in your head, and it will sound like “dub a dub a dubba dub a meow.”

How does an angry cat, an ethereal low whistle, drums and more instruments sound so good together?

The cat isn’t quite as talented as the man with a straw, but the cat had a great backup band.