Source: The Dodo (Extract)
Posted: November 16, 2023

A few years back, everything changed for this cat named Simba. His restful hours of peace and quiet at home were suddenly shattered with the unmissable entrance of an adorable new arrival — a bouncy, buoyant puppy named Thor.

Simba’s family had adopted Thor without even asking him first. And, well, the cat clearly had feelings about it.

In Thor, Simba had met his match, a fact which, at first, seemed more than just a little inconvenient for the cat. Gone were his easy days of rest and relaxation.

Being playful pup, Thor demanded Simba’s unbroken attention — and he wasn’t daunted one bit by the cat’s icy demeanor.

With time, however, things began to thaw.

Like most good things, the bonds of friendship aren’t built in a day — and the relationship between Simba and Thor proved to be no exception.

But as the little puppy grew, so too did their love for one another.

It was quite the journey:

Slowly but surely, Simba’s initial standoffishness towards Thor had given way to genuine affection — albeit with plenty of playful roughhousing still thrown into the mix.

“Before we got Thor, Simba was super skittish and afraid of everything,” the pets’ owner wrote online. “Now he’s not afraid of anything! We think he think that Thor keeps him safe.”

Years later, the pair are still at it:

Though it’s true that Simba’s family didn’t ask his permission prior to adopting Thor, it seems they likely followed a few basic guiltiness to introducing a new pet into their household.

Indeed, with that, everything did change for Simba. It changed for the better.