Source: GoodThingsGuy (Extract)
Posted: January 29, 2024

Feeding the Furballs is hosting a fundraiser for Silas, the charity cat, to celebrate his 17th birthday and help pets fight cancer.

Silas is the oldest resident at Feeding the Furballs in Durban. To celebrate his 17th birthday in February, the charity cat is encouraging supporters to donate as little as R17.00 to help him support care for pets with cancer.

Feeding the Furballs has been Silas’s home since he was a kitten; he has spent his whole life being a firm support to other animals in need and to his beloved human, Farrah, who runs the Feeding the Furballs NPO.

Farrah and Silas are hoping that anyone who donates R17.00 for his big birthday will then go on to nominate 17 other people to do the same. In the end, many small donations really do add up! The funds raised by Silas will help pets fighting cancer. Silas has had his own battle with the dreaded disease and is overcoming it!

“The organisation, which turns 10 in March, is a registered NPO and PBO and is pro quality of life and has been Silas’s home for his whole life. The animals have a safe and secure environment to spend their days in comfort. Silas was diagnosed with cancer in September 2023 and has completed over 30 doses of chemo under the guidance of an amazing vet team, plus the founder of Furballs, who is a qualified veterinary welfare assistant.

To commemorate Silas’s milestone, the organisation initiated the #TeamSilas fundraising campaign. Friends, family and well-wishers from all over the world are rallying behind Silas and contributing to the cause.”