Source: Cape Town etc. (Extract)
Posted: November 23, 2023

The South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind has a special request: please assist their future assistance dogs in fulfilling their Christmas wishes.

These diligent puppies have been good all year, eagerly hoping to make it to Santa Paws’ nice list.

Alongside a music video, the pups’ wishes have been expressed through a song: The SA Guide-Dogs’ version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The list includes essential items ranging from puppy school bags to long canes and dog toys. These items are not just gifts; they are crucial for the training and well-being of these assistance dogs and their future disabled clients.

Jackie Quail, the regional marketing manager at SA Guide-Dogs Association, emphasised the importance of these items for both the dogs and their clients.

‘Even though our message is delivered in a very cute way, it is still so important that the association raises the funds needed so that we can keep positively changing the lives of people with disabilities across South Africa,’ she said.

The association invites everyone to participate in this cause. By selecting items to donate, donors will receive a certificate of thanks, making it a perfect gift option for the holidays. For those gifting this donation, a personalised certificate section is available.

View the video, embrace the holiday spirit and contribute to the puppies’ Christmas wish list. Your generosity can help make 2024 a remarkable year for the SA Guide-Dogs Association and those they assist.

The SA Guide-Dogs’ version of the Twelve Days of Christmas:

On the first day of Christmas, will a donor gift me, a puppy school bag under the tree?

On the second day of Christmas, I wish a donor would give to us: a grooming session: a bath and a brush.

On the third day of Christmas, I hope our donors give to me: a new collar and a new lead.

On the fourth day of Christmas, let’s politely ask, for training equipment for puppy class.

On the fifth day of Christmas, will our donors be so kind, to help us give canes to the blind?

On the sixth day of Christmas, I hope our donors say, here are puppy toys because we love to play!

On the seventh day of Christmas, it will be our wish, that we have lots of treats in every dish!

On the eighth day of Christmas, we hope our donors pay for our training sessions today.

On the ninth day of Christmas, we hope that we do get donations so we can visit the vet.

On the tenth day of Christmas, we hope our donors will be nice and help give a client an assistive device.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, it would be so cool, if our donors could help us go to school!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, to our donors, we want to say – Thank you for helping us every day!