Source: Cape Town etc. (Extract)
Posted: April 19, 2024

The topic of whether dogs should be allowed on Cape Town’s beaches has ignited a lively debate, especially as signage clarifying beach policies has caught residents’ attention in areas like Big Bay, Bloubergstrand and Milnerton Lagoon.

According to News24, residents have expressed varying views.

Some were surprised by the signage, like Lee-Anne Curtis-Cox, who walks her dog at Eden on the Bay and had not noticed restrictions before.

‘I just heard an appalling case of a guy being harassed on Sea Point promenade by city police due to taking his dog off lead while the dog was doing its business. He was threatened with arrest, but received a fine instead,’ she said.

Tamzin le Roux, a Milnerton resident, noted the irony of strict dog rules when compared to other environmental issues like sewage discharge into the ocean.

She emphasised the importance of adhering to beach signage to avoid misunderstandings, saying ‘Just take a quick peek at the entrance of the beach.’

Responding to concerns, another resident pointed out the potential risks of allowing dogs on crowded beaches, especially those with lifesaving stations during busy periods.

The City of Cape Town has outlined which beaches are dog-friendly on its website, providing clarity for beachgoers.

They emphasise responsible pet ownership, urging owners to clean up after their dogs, keep them on leashes where required and ensure they do not disturb other beachgoers or wildlife.

While the debate continues, it’s essential for all beachgoers to respect beach rules and etiquette, ensuring everyone can enjoy the coastline safely and harmoniously.