Source: Daily Star (Extract)
Posted: March 9, 2023

A heroic dog has saved its owner from a deadly Black Mamba snake by warning them of the nearby danger.

The killer seven-foot-two snake had snuck under the sofa of an unidentified person in Escombe, Queensburgh, South Africa, when their clever dog became aware of it.

For two days the Rottweiler worked to keep its human from going near the sofa, which he normally sat on every day.

Snake conservationist and rescuer Nick Evans posted the story on Facebook, explaining how the remarkable incident played out.

He wrote how the man: “Thought it was strange that his Rottweiler was pushing him away from his couch, that he sits on every afternoon.

“After two days of this behaviour, and when he noticed the dog barking at the back of the couch.

“He moved the couch, and there was a Black Mamba!”

Then, he explained how after the dog saved the man’s life, it soon became the human’s turn to save his pet.

After the bloke moved the sofa, Nick explained that the hound ran for the exposed reptile in a bid to kill it and mute its threat.

He wrote: “In that moment, with the snake now more exposed, the Rottweiler ran in to attack this creature it saw as a threat.

“The homeowner grabbed the large dog as it ran past, just in time, and dragged it inside.”

Nick explained: “That may not sound like much, but I was super impressed by the homeowner’s actions.

“Not everyone could react fast like that in a moment like that.

“I cannot tell you how many calls I get where people phone me while their dog is attacking the snake, resulting in a dead snake and at least one dead dog. I suppose panic takes over.”

He reminded people to “never” let their dogs out to kill snakes on their behalf because it could well be the last thing their beloved pooches ever do.

Nick was called to the scene where he said he pulled off a “quick and easy catch,” and the job was done with “a happy ending for everyone.”