Source: Express (Extract)
Posted: November 24, 2023

Cats are adorable creatures, but it can be increasingly annoying when they use your garden as their toilet or play den, especially if you are not the owner of these mischievous felines.

Cats are known to dig up lawns to mark their territory and may do so by leaving visible scratch marks or defecating on a lawn. They may also dig up soil to bury waste, hunt for insects or small pray or to create a comfortable spot to lounge.

However, there are a few cheap and simple ways to get cats out of your garden for good.

Shaun is a garden expert who runs Lawnright, a lawn care business in South Yorkshire who said he visits hundreds of lawns each month and has tried and tested the meaning of getting rid of cats.

In a video online, Shaun said: “How do you stop cats from pooping on your lawn? What an absolute nightmare. There are hundreds and hundreds of different remedies. By all means, go through them all, and here are a few things you can try.”

Use strong-smelling foods

Cats have a strong sense of smell which can be highly sensitive, and they will stay out of areas which irritate their senses.

Shaun said: “Citrus peels, orange peel, lemon peel, coffee grounds, some essential oils. They don’t like the smell. Try leaving a few around and seeing how you get on.”

It should be noted that certain essential oils can be highly poisonous to cats and should never be used to deter them. While it can be frustrating dealing with cats in your garden, they are part of the local ecosystem and should always to handled in a responsible and humane manner. 

When it comes to fruit peels, you can soak them in hot water and use an empty spray bottle to spread the scent around your garden. This method should be applied at least once a week or after it has rained to be most effective.

Motion Sensors

There are a few devices you can buy to deter cats such as motion sensors, which can give the cat a fright by squirting a little water at it, which makes them less likely to come in your garden.

Shaun explained: “Something else you might want to try is these motion sensors. They’re on a spike, you put them in the ground in the corner of your lawn, connect your hose pipe up to it and when anything crosses the sensors some water jets out, really good and really effective. “

Fence Panels

Fence panel barriers are fitted onto the fence and cats cannot climb over them to get out of a garden. This method requires you to check your garden daily to make sure there are no cats stuck in your garden but will discourage them from entering in the future.

Shaun said: “Another thing you can try is a metal roller that fits to the top of your fence panel and it stops your own cats from getting out.

“But it will soon deter cats that do get in from realising that they can’t get out again because the roller spins and they can’t get a grip on it and they can’t get out.”