Source: Germiston City News (Extract)
June 15, 2022

Built-in pet homes that have been carved into a wall within the home have become a popular addition to many homes.

“This makes it trickier to carve out a space within a wall to make a built-in micro home for pets,” explains Goslett.

Goslett said those who do attempt to carve out wall space for their pets might find that it affects the resale value of their home.

“Buyers without pets are unlikely to see value in having a hole carved into the wall,” Goslett cautions.

RE/MAX of Southern Africa shared some top spots within the home that could make the ideal built-in space for the household pet:

Underneath the staircase

This is often the most under-utilized space in any home because of its awkward size and shape.The most practical way to utilise this space is to create some cleverly built-in storage solutions.

For those who own pets, it is simple enough to remove a drawer or two to create a cosy nook for them to sleep in.

Below bay windows

Bay windows, which tend to be found within older homes, can be utilized to create a built-in unit pet bed that could easily be transformed into storage if they later decide to sell.

Unused cabinet space

Kitchen cabinets or wardrobe space that is under-utilised, like the corner of a kitchen island or the bottom of a hanging wardrobe, can be opened up or remodelled to create a tidy little spot to keep a pet bed.

There are many ways to accommodate man’s best friend without affecting the resale value of a home.

“The key is to keep any project easy enough to remove and to make sure that the house has the broadest possible appeal when the owner eventually decides to sell,” Goslett concluded.