Source: Cape Town Etc. (Extract)
Posted: February 25, 2023

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s Adoptions Manager, Zama, was on his way to work when he met Marius, a homeless man, who thanked Zama and the SPCA team for the important work they do.

After walking separate ways, Marius returned running and reached into his pocket, pulling out an R5 coin. He handed it to Zama and said, “I have nothing, but this will add to what you have to look after animals.”

This act of generosity was truly overwhelming, as Zama knew that Marius didn’t even have enough food for himself.

Despite his own difficulties, Marius found a way to donate what little he had to help animals.

Marius also shared with Zama that his wish is to find a safe home someday so that he can own a dog, highlighting the importance of pets in our lives and how they provide companionship, love, and a sense of belonging.

Marius’ story shows that even in difficult times, we can all find ways to give back and make a difference.

His selfless and kind gesture serves as a reminder that we all have the ability to make a difference, no matter how small the contribution may appear.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is encouraging the public to be inspired by Marius’s act of kindness and consider donating R5 to its adoption centre, which is in desperate need of an industrial washing machine to help with washing the blankets and towels used to care for the animals in the centre.

Donations can be made via SnapScan or EFT here.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA expresses its sincere gratitude toward all who are able and willing to donate.