Source: Berea Mail (Extract)
August 8, 2022

Follow a cat’s example on how to practise self-care and unwind.

Take a catnap

Cats know when to take a nap. There’s no need to clear your whole afternoon – a catnap is a short period of sleep during the day. This has been said to sharpen memory and improve focus.

Ask for help

If a cat is hungry, the whole house will know. They may be small, but their ‘meows’ are loud. If you’re feeling fatigued, it might be time to ‘meow’ about it.

There’s always time for self-care

Have you ever noticed that a cat has no qualms with interrupting anything and everything for a quick bath? It might be time to take a leaf, or a lick, out of their book. You might not be able to pull out the bath bomb during your lunch break, but you can make time for a coffee break and a little self-care.

Find joy in simple things

One of the best ways to recharge is to introduce a fun activity into your week. Consider how a cat can find endless entertainment in a simple piece of yarn. Is there something simple that can add a little adventure to your week?

It’s OK to be grumpy

Cats can be aloof. Memes have been written about it, and families have been divided into cat people and dog people. They might not be considered man’s best friend, but cats are OK with it, and you can be, too.