The Many Health Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

There are so many benefits associated with regularly walking your dog.

Simply taking dogs outside to do their business, however, doesn’t count as taking them for walks. Unfortunately this is the only time some dogs get to spend outdoors and it’s not enough. WHY WALKING YOUR DOG IS SO IMPORTANT When done daily and for an appropriate amount of time, this simple activity can have many positive effects that enhance overall well-being. Physical Health Benefits General
  • Removes toxins
  • Slows down ageing
  • Boosts immune system
  • Can help alleviate or reduce skin conditions
  • Improves mobility by keeping the joints active
  • Reduces risk and/or severity of health conditions
  • Detoxes the body by improving respiration as well as blood and lymph fluid circulation
Regular walks are good for a dog’s gastrointestinal and urinary systems and can help:
  • Prevent constipation
  • Prevent bladder infections
  • Regulate the digestive tract
Regular walks help with weight management which in turn:
  • Keeps obesity at bay
  • Improves quality of life
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Reduces risk of heart problems
  • Reduces risk or severity of osteoarthritis
What is Osteoarthritis?    Read Article Why Dogs Become Obese and What You Can Do About it    Read Article What to Do When Your Dog is Overweight    Read Article Mental Health Benefits Walks can help:
  • Alleviate boredom
  • Stimulate the mind
  • Release excess energy
  • Improve brain function
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promote uninterrupted sleep at night
  • Reduce or eliminate destructive behaviour
Emotional Benefits Dog walks:
  • Are a great way to give attention and quality time
  • Strengthen the bond between dog and dog parent
  • Can reduce or eliminate attention-seeking behaviours
BENEFITS FOR PEOPLE Dog parents benefit greatly from dog walks as well as it:
  • Improves one’s mood
  • Gives one time to reset
  • Motivates one to exercise
  • Decreases anxiety and stress
  • Can help you make new friends
  • Promotes bone, joint and muscle health
  • Is an activity with a reliable exercise buddy
  • Can lead to more time in nature which increases well-being
  • Promotes cardiovascular fitness and decreases risk for cardiovascular disease
WALKING YOUR DOG IN SUMMER The season doesn’t change your dog’s need for exercise, but you do need to adjust your approach to ensure everyone’s safety. Summer Safety     Read Article The Importance of Pet Hydration     Read Article Protecting Your Dog’s Paws from Hot Surfaces     Read Article The Responsible Pet Owner’s Guide for Snake Season     Read Article

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